Moments In Time

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Long Time Coming

I .have been trying for months to find and open this blog--often asking some of you how to access this!  And, by accident, I did today!!  YAY!!

And now on to the things I have wanted to post.

Some of you remember the post about the plant that dies out a couple of years ago.  It was a potted plant and although it was given TLC, it failed to thrive.  However, once again after all these years, I was walking from my car and saw two or three sprigs growing up...even with little purple flowers on it.    I am reminded once again of my sin and the things that pop up on my life that God wants to take care of.....and even make them beautiful for Him and His glory!  Ever under conviction, I renew a vow to repent and follow through with those things I feel Gd and I alone know.  But I am deceiving myself.  My sinful actions affect others!

God does have a sense of humor, because I am involved in discipling a couple of ladies in Bible study...working through what the WORD says and the value of applying its truth to our lives.  Amazing how you are led to a section o TRUTH and it whittles away at your heart.  Keeping it relevant and  real, we confess to each other and purpose to move forward over those sins that so easily beset us!

My life is crazy...more sharing soon!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Well, yes, I am standing on top of my rock.....been under it way too long!!!

In my last few months of leave of absence, I have been living in the school of hard knocks!!

But, the thing I have learned over and over is that GOD IS FAITHFUL!! I have experienced that over and over....and several times in the past two weeks!!

We have had alot of challenges the past two years---financially and emotionally and physically.
I had an injury in a store almost a year ago that has presented some challenges but through grace, I have been able to do more than I thought!

Things are slow right now for us.....all we can say is our immediate needs have been met! And God continues to provide in areas we are lacking! He also is teaching my children to be resourceful and to depend on His goodness .

Lest I give you only a grim picture, God has afforded some respite this year. We are grateful for times of a little R&R to renew our body and soul!

I will try to keep update more often!!


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Grief and hope.

We have a somewhat daunting task this morning.

We are going to support a family that lost a baby. There was a disease and even though death was imminent, you never can prepare for it.

So, the memorial service is today -

Thanks God for christian friends that can rejoice with you and grieve with you, and hold you until your grief subsides!!

Only God can fill this void and give you hope and even another child if He wills....only Jesus can satisfy your soul.

JESUS, our reason for Life and Hope......our existence.

Pray for this family.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wher in the world is .....

Sometimes, as you sit at a blank page, you have no idea where to start!!

If your fears and anxieties are written for the eyes of others, you feel they may perceive you as weak! If you paint a rosy picture, you may portray life as something alot more normal than it actually is.

Through words, we cannot see each others tears or even concerns about life (yes, we are human as well as Christians that learn to trust God!!) We can paint what we desire at the touch of a keyboard!!

And, since the truth is surfacing, I felt my blog was not interesting enough to have faithful readers!

We have had about nine months of hardship to this point. The building industry is slow --- makes for an interesting life in many ways!! We girls have pitches in and have jobs to help fill in the gap. Yes, hubby is working , but we have about 1/4 the work we did have. And, if it seems trusting God for provision is an issue, HE reminds me daily He is in control---the refrigerator broke, tires need to be bought, a retainer is broken, a lingual wire is broken.....the list goes on....
But, I do see God's goodness and mercy in everyday life.

And yes, I can praise HIM!!

Another blessing is the story of #4 getting a college scholarship. Of course, it is only a partial payment, so he are praying for direction ....God opened the doors beyond human comprehension, so HE alone will get the glory for provision ---he will have to provide all the monies necessary! I keep plodding forward by filling our necessary forms, paperwork, applications.....the list is unending.

*** The full story can be obtained by emailing me and I will answer!!**

Yes, there are issues along the way I will not discuss, but there are blessings, such as godly teen girls that have befriended my daughters, that have been such a gap-filler in their lives. I am thankful that God provided these girls to encourage them in their walk. I am looking forward to this continuing for many years!!

I also have been blessed to get paid for a wedding I was coordinator for ....R was the reception coordinator, but we all helped (plus a couple of friends!!)---and M got paid as a musician!
Sometimes, though, marriage counselling can grate on you. We also have the privilege to counsel a bride to be. We took enough money to have a play day with her, and God blessed our friendship and fellowship. We were able to encourage her to move back home and allow God to heal her family relationship. I realize some of my heartache along the way God is using to help others see the cause/consequences of choices!! Praise the Lord.....however, we all cried when we hugged her goodbye this week!!

God is good. I do not know where my steps will go ---He is leading -my job is to continue.....and I do know that in the midst, I have hope.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


Today is the birthday of my fourth born. She is 19. As I realize her teen years are almost gone, I must reflect on things I have taught and reinforced in her life to encourage her walk with her Lord. This alone can make her successful in life.

She is serving......ministering with her music, helping in the nursery, and being a discussion initiator in Sunday School. She also uses her talent to teach others. This is also something she is able to do forever either in her home or to provide for her needs and her family's.

A good teacher causes their students to learn. Understanding strengths and weakness in area is a tool to help them learn, and to recognize those areas.

That is why she got assurance of her salvation this past year. She wanted to know that she knew....even though she accepted Christ at a very young age, it was not in her memory, because for as long as she could remember she had been "saved". She was serving the Lord, sharing with others, reading her Bible and doing good. However, there was an unsettled feeling.

We also had a friend, who at age thirty this past year accepted Christ---the assurance for and of eternity.

On this, her birthday, make sure your rebirth day is for real and settled!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

"What is Faith?"
By Bob Perks
Someone asked me the other day about my faith.
I rambled on for a moment and seemed to have appeased their curiosity.
Still, it made me think about it more when I got home and this is what I wish I had told them instead:

To see more than what is obvious.
To believe more than what is seen.
To trust when all is lost and darknessfills your days.
To try again when failure is your partner
To give when nothing's left to give.
To stand when falling is expected.
To go on when odds are against you.
To plan when others think you foolish.
To smile when heart break dims your spirit.
To rise above the doubters and nay sayers.
To keep on when others fall behind.
To end each day in praise instead of sorrow.
That is faith.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We arrived home last evening.

It was a busy and hard week in some ways. Some of you know what it is like to become the parent of a parent.

Someone has to do the hard things; expect those tasks difficult. But, you have to maintain a sense of humor and sanity in every day life!

When your child disobeys you, they get corrected. Most do not refuse that which you know is necessary for their health. Parents do --and you must be the one to say, "No, you will do this!".
Often, they are upset with you.

Sometimes you have to leave them in a rush and proper goodbyes do not happen. You must rest in the fact that you are doing what is right at the time and move on from there.

Bust most of all in all situations, you must trust God. Do not be confused, AND PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY above all. Often you are exhausted or too busy from the dawning of the sun to get your devotions done, but you MUST PRAY , and be faithful!!

Thanks for those prayers you all sent up on our behalf -we felt them and appreciated them!!

God is good!